Women in STEM (WIS)

The National Science Foundation recognizes that there is a substantial lack of women in the STEM workforce. One of the ways SD EPSCoR is addressing this in South Dakota is through collaboration with regional Women In STEM (WIS) programs. These programs focus on career exploration through hands–on activities and seminars for middle and high school girls. These programs, while having the same theme, have worked independently of each other over the years. The primary goal of SD EPSCoR in investing in these WIS programs is to establish a network among the various programs. Through this network WIS regional programs can share resources and collaborate in grant support. This effort was initiated in July of 2016 with the first statewide WIS director’s meeting.

Another goal of SD EPSCoR’s investment in WIS is to increase participation. With most of the current WIS events exceeding their capacity, additional programs need to be developed. This includes establishing programs in rural and tribal communities currently not in the immediate vicinity of a WIS program.

South Dakota WIS leadership team:

  • Katrina Jensen, BHSU:
  • Christine Wood, SDSU: christie.wood@sdstate.edu
  • Kristie Maher, SD Discover Center: kristiemaher@sd-discovery.com
  • Peggy Norris, Sanford: pnorris@sanfordlab.org