Economic Development

Building South Dakota’s STEM-based Economy

To nurture economic development in South Dakota, SD EPSCoR partners with the SD Governor’s Office of Economic Development, the SD Office of Commercialization, and the SD Board of Regents. Through these collaborations business/technology education programs are created.

Global competition demands a highly skilled workforce, and the country’s economic future depends on scientific and technological advances everywhere, not just in a few places. Through EPSCoR/IDeA, participating states and territories are building a high-quality, university-based research infrastructure, a backbone to their scientific and technological enterprises, and a strong and stable economic base into the next century.

SD BioTech with the support of SD EPSCoR has produced a series of videos highlighting STEM Careers in South Dakota.

Learn more and watch the videos at SD BioTech’s South Dakota STEM Facilities and Careers page.