Science Fair Awards

SD EPSCoR is a statewide effort whose goal is to expand our state’s research capacity and increase our STEM workforce through targeted investments in STEM research and education. The SD EPSCoR program is funded by major grants from the National Science Foundation and the state of South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development. One of the ways that SD EPSCoR is trying to achieve these goals is to increase the numbers of schools and students participating in one of the state’s regional science fairs. Currently, SD EPSCoR in partnership with Fisher Science Education offer the following monetary awards at South Dakota’s four regional science fairs, to rural and tribal schools.

High School Science Lab Makeover Award

High School Science Lab Makeover awards one school from each of the participating science fairs, $5,000 towards the purchase of new equipment, materials and technological supplies or other items that can be used to support student research.

  • 2017 High School Science Lab Makeover Award Winners:
    1. Andes Central High School
    2. Elk-Point Jefferson High School
    3. Sisseton High School
    4. Hill City High School
  • 2016 High School Science Lab Makeover Award Winners:
    1. Wessington Springs School District
    2. Florence School District
    3. Timber Lake School District

Intel ISEF Observer Awards

An all expense-paid travel for one student in grade 8-12 and their teacher will be selected for an exemplary student research project to participate in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) as an observer.

School Challenge Competition

The School Challenge Competition will award three cash prizes to schools whose top three scoring student research projects have the highest mean score. The prizes are $1000 for the first place team, $750 for the second place team, and $500 for the third place team. Prize money may be used by the school for any purchases of STEM equipment, supplies or related investments that will increase student participation in the state’s science fairs allowing students to undertake more in-depth long-term research projects.

SD EPSCoR Affiliated Partner – Fisher Science Education

SD EPSCoR pleased to announce its new sponsoring partner, Fisher Science Education. Fisher adds an additional $500 to the $5,000 High School Science Lab Makeover award, and $100, $50, and $25 to the School Challenge Competition awards at each fair in the form of a Fisher Science gift certificate. In addition, all South Dakota schools can receive a 25 percent discount on all orders placed with Fisher Scientific. The 25 percent savings is in addition to those who will win the above mentioned school awards.