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Your Intellectual Property Webinar Modules

August 15, 2019

International Trademark Portfolio 
Led by Susan Anthony (Global Intellectual Property Academy, USPTO

In today’s global economy, businesses engaged in exporting or seeking to protect themselves against intellectual property theft from abroad must have a strategy for protecting their trademarks in other countries. This module will introduce you to the concept of “territoriality,” i.e., that trademarks (like patents) must be protected on a country-by-country basis. In the U.S., trademark rights are based on use of the mark in connection with products or services. But in almost all other countries, trademarks must be registered in the country to have effective trademark rights.  You will learn about some of the differences between U.S. trademark law and practice and the law and practice of other countries including, selection of a mark, searching a mark, applying for registration of a mark, including information about the Madrid Protocol, an international filing treaty enabling the applicant to file one application for multiple countries, variations in requirements for obtaining trademark registration, and maintaining the registration. You also will learn about the various criteria for determining in which countries to consider filing for trademark protection.