NASA EPSCoR Pre-Proposals for Major Research Grants

Posted on: July 30, 2021   |   Categories: Announcements, NASA EPSCoR, News & Updates

The South Dakota NASA EPSCoR office announces the following funding opportunity which is available to faculty at all institutions of higher education in South Dakota.

Call for Pre-Proposals for Major Research Grants (deadline October 8, 2021)

This is the solicitation for short pre-proposals for NASA EPSCoR competitive research awards. Major Research Grants are aimed at multi-institution research teams that demonstrate clear potential to build productive research connections with NASA Centers and/or NASA contractors. A letter of support by a collaborator at NASA Headquarters, a NASA Center, or a NASA contractor is required.

South Dakota can submit one full proposal to NASA in FY 2022 (estimated March 1, 2022, deadline for full proposal). Based on review of the pre-proposals solicited here, the SD NASA EPSCoR Steering Committee will invite one or two research teams to develop complete and final proposals and one will be submitted to NASA. The maximum request per proposal is $750,000 with a three-year period of performance. Cost-sharing is required at a level of 50% with non-federal funds (i.e., $750,000 NASA : $375,000 match).

U.S. citizenship is not a requirement for this grant.

The FY 2022 RFP also includes valuable information on NASA research priorities and NASA research contacts.

For further information, contact:
Edward F. Duke, Director
South Dakota NASA EPSCoR