NASA EPSCoR Pre-Proposals for Major Research Grants

Posted on: May 20, 2021   |   Categories: Announcements, News & Updates

South Dakota can submit one full proposal to NASA for the FY2022 NASA EPSCoR Major Research Grant competition (NASA FY2022 Research CAN). These awards are made by NASA on a competitive basis and provide $750,000 (NASA funds) over a three-year period.

Past awards require 50% ($375,000) cost-sharing with non-federal funds. Proposals must involve at least two South Dakota universities and demonstrate a strong connection with NASA scientists or engineers in the form of one or more support letters.

NASA has not released the FY2022 announcement, but it will likely be similar to the FY2021 version. The FY2021 RFP also includes valuable information on NASA research priorities and NASA research contacts.

This advance announcement for preproposals is issued at this point in order to allow state research teams to develop projects and establish contacts at NASA. Additional details will be issued in August 2021.

Tentative timetable

  • Formal call for in-state preproposals (5 pages): 13-Aug-2021
  • Preproposals due and selection of in-state finalist: 08-Oct-2021 (8 weeks)
  • External review of preproposals
  • In-state finalist selected: 12-Nov-2021
  • Full proposal (15 pages) from in-state finalist due: 04-Feb-2022 (12 weeks)

For further information, contact:
Edward F. Duke, Director
South Dakota NASA EPSCoR