NASA EPSCoR Research and Travel Opportunities Fall 2022

Posted on: April 26, 2022   |   Categories: Announcements, NASA EPSCoR, News & Updates
Nasa Epscor Research Travel

View the full announcement, below, from the South Dakota NASA EPSCoR office.

Please direct any questions to South Dakota NASA EPSCoR Director Ed Duke.

South Dakota NASA EPSCoR
2022 Research and Travel Grant Opportunities

April 26, 2022 (View the .pdf)

The South Dakota NASA EPSCoR office announces the following funding opportunities that are available to faculty at all institutions of higher education in South Dakota.

U.S. citizenship is not a requirement for these grants.

Additional information and application guidelines on each grant type can be accessed by following the links provided.

1. Research Seed Grants (Research Initiation Grants) (application deadline Aug. 26, 2022)

Research Initiation Grants are intended for multiple-institution research collaborations that align with NASA research and development priorities. Proposals must involve collaboration between at least two South Dakota universities. Grants are designed to assist early-stage NASA-related research projects to become more competitive for NASA EPSCoR Major Research Awards or for other sources of long-term support. Proposals may request up to $75,000 (NASA funds) with a period of performance of 24 months. SD NASA EPSCoR expects to make two awards. Research Initiation Grants require non-federal matching funds in the amount of $25,000 (one-third of NASA funds).

For details and application instructions see:

2. Advance Notice regarding Preproposals for Major Research Grants (tentative application deadline Oct. 7, 2022)*

This advance announcement for preproposals is issued at this point in order to allow state research teams to develop projects and establish contacts at NASA. Additional details will be issued in August 2022.

South Dakota can submit one full proposal to NASA for the FY2023 NASA EPSCoR Major Research Grant competition (NASA FY2023 Research Announcement). These awards are made by NASA on a competitive basis and provide $750,000 (NASA funds) over a three-year period. Past awards require 50% ($375,000) cost-sharing with non-federal funds. Proposals must involve at least two South Dakota universities and demonstrate a strong connection with NASA scientists or engineers in the form of one or more support letters. NASA has not released the FY2023 announcement, but it will likely be similar to the FY2022 version (see link, below). The FY2022 RFP also includes valuable information on NASA research priorities and NASA research contacts.

Tentative timetable:

  • Formal call for in-state preproposals: 08-Aug-2022
  • Preproposals due and selection of in-state finalist: 07-Oct-2022 (60 days)
  • Final EPSCoR FY2023 Research RFP released: mid-Nov-2022
  • Final EPSCoR FY2023 proposals due to NASA: mid-Feb-2023
  • EPSCoR FY2023 NASA review and selections: May-2023

*Note: Faculty may not apply as a Principal Investigator in both grant types, above. Faculty may only apply as a Principal Investigator for either a Research Initiation Grant or a Major Research Grant preproposal.

3. Travel Grants (open deadline)

Travel Grants are available for visits to NASA Headquarters, NASA Centers, or NASA contractors with the purpose of developing research collaborations. Travel Grants require 50% non-federal matching funds.

Currently, most NASA Centers are closed or have restricted access. Check with NASA personnel regarding face-to-face meetings. No travel grants will be approved until these restrictions are lifted.

For details and application instructions see:

4. Tribal College Collaboration Grants (application deadline Aug. 26, 2022)

Tribal College Collaboration Grants are available to support research or curriculum development activities involving tribal college faculty or staff working with counterparts at a public or private university in South Dakota. Proposals may request up to $20,000 (NASA funds) with a period of performance of 24 months. SD NASA EPSCoR expects to make one award. Tribal College Collaboration Grants do not require matching funds.

For details and application instructions see:

For further information contact:

Edward F. Duke, Director
South Dakota NASA EPSCoR