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Deadline: Signup to Visit NASA Langley Research Center

NASA Langley Research Center

Opportunity to meet with researchers at NASA Langley Research Center, June 21 – June 23, 2022

NASA EPSCoR and NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC, Hampton, VA) are organizing a three-day workshop at LaRC to familiarized NASA researchers with capabilities in EPSCoR states. The following topics have been prioritized for the meeting:

  • Topic 1: Intelligent Flight Systems & Trusted Autonomy:  Advanced air mobility, increasingly automated and autonomous systems, robotics, smart cities
  • Topic 2: Advanced Materials & Structural Systems: Advanced manufacturing
  • Topic 3: Terrestrial and Planetary Atmospheric Sciences: measurements of aerosols, water vapor, trace gases, cloud properties, and winds, addressing air quality, chemistry, radiation budget, and climate change
  • Topic 4: Innovative Concepts for Earth and Space Science Measurements: Advanced active and passive remote sensing and in-situ sensors including LiDAR, radiometers, spectrometers, and interferometers
  • Topic 5: Entry, Decent & Landing: Robotic mission entry vehicles

The LaRC meetings will be conducted over three days, from Tuesday, June 21, to Thursday, June 23, with each research topic assigned to only one of these three days. Leading up to the face-to-face meetings in June, several recorded overview talks about major Langley facilities and research priorities will be available online for researchers to review prior to arriving on-site.

Each researcher will need to be on-site at Langley for only one day and that day will be focused on a specific research topic with round table discussions, associated laboratory tours, and individual researcher-to-researchers meetings.

As the exact schedule is TBD, all researchers recruited from our jurisdiction at this time must commit to being available for ANY of those three potential days (Tuesday, June 21, to Thursday, June 23).

A finalized schedule will be distributed as soon as possible to allow researchers time to finalize their travel arrangements. Jurisdictions/Researchers will be responsible for making their own travel arrangements and covering all costs associated with the meeting. SD NASA EPSCoR can provide travel funds up to 50% of the total travel cost; these funds must be matched 1:1 with non-federal funds.

South Dakota researchers interested in this opportunity must submit interest using this web form by April 1, 2022, to allow adequate time for badging/security screening:

The final decision on which researchers will receive travel support will be up to Edward Duke, SD NASA EPSCoR Director. If you have questions, please contact: Edward.Duke@sdsmt.edu.


South Dakota NASA EPSCoR

Email: Edward.Duke@sdsmt.edu