Research Facilities

South Dakota’s Track-1 Research Facilities

South Dakota’s $20 million, five-year NSF EPSCoR Track-1 grant supports the acquisition of equipment for research and discovery-based learning activities.

The following labs, facilities and equipment were integral to researchers’ work on the project.

Pulsed Laser Deposition - 2D Materials Laboratory (2DML)South Dakota Mines
Chemical Vapor Deposition – 2DMLSouth Dakota Mines
Plasma Enhanced CVD FacilitySouth Dakota State University
Crystal Growth and Alloy Development (MET Dept)South Dakota Mines
Nanoscribe PPGT2 3D PrinterSouth Dakota State University
Bioelectrochemistry Interface LabSouth Dakota Mines
Meta-Omics LabSouth Dakota Mines
Single Cell Genomics FacilityUniversity of South Dakota
Protein Engineering and in-Silico LabSouth Dakota Mines
2D Materials and Nanoscale Devices LabSouth Dakota Mines
Horiba Duetta SpectrometerUniversity of South Dakota
Confocal Raman MicroscopyUniversity of South Dakota
MRI: Acquisition of a nanoIR3 for Polymers and Life Science ResearchSouth Dakota Mines