Teacher Workshops

Summer Professional Development for K-12 Science Teachers

The education component of the NSF Track-1 project involves development of STEM K-12 curriculum modules and conducting 3-day teacher workshops. 

South Dakota science teachers — elementary, middle school and high school — are eligible to participate in virtual and face-to-face teacher workshops and receive a stipend for each. Reduced rate graduate credit will be available from BHSU (Black Hills State University). Space is limited, so register early.

Participants will strengthen their understanding of three-dimensional science teaching and receive support in meeting South Dakota’s K-12 Science Standards.

Participants will also learn about science and engineering research underway at universities across our state and become familiar with one or more of six newly developed K-12 curriculum modules that relate to the research.

The learning workshops will be virtual and face-to-face, using a combination of guided independent learning, collaborative online learning, and hands-on science activities and experiences.

New participants will receive a copy of the Ambitious Science Teaching book. Featured topics will include planning for culturally relevant, phenomena-based instruction, facilitation of equitable discourse, and using sense-making to drive learning.

Workshop dates

  • Virtual: June 8-10 (Wednesday-Friday): Fundamentals of Three-Dimensional Science Instruction & Biofilms (previously offered in 2020 and 2021) via Zoom; participants will also learn about the curriculum unit “Stuck Like Glue — Stuck on You” and a $300 stipend will be paid for full participation on all 3 days. Reduced rate graduate credit will be available through BHSU.
  • Virtual and Face-to-face: Making Student Thinking Visible. This year’s theme to guide learning is Leveraging the Power of Science Notebooking, Constructing Explanations, and Modeling to Engage Science Learners. New participants will receive the book Ambitious Science Teaching as part of the workshop, and all will receive a $300 stipend for full participation on all 3 days. Reduced rate graduate credit will be available through BHSU.
    • F2F July 6-8 (Wednesday-Friday; Northern State University, Aberdeen)
    • F2F July 12-14 (Tuesday-Thursday; School of Mines, Rapid City)
    • F2F July 18-20 (Monday-Wednesday; Sanford Research, Sioux Falls)
    • Virtual July 20-22 (Wednesday-Friday)
  • Virtual: July 25-28 (Monday-Thursday): Curriculum Implementation Workshop; participants will come together to do a two-day deep dive into one of the six curriculum units that you will select on the registration form. Follow-up meetings will be scheduled throughout the school year as optional support. Those who take advantage of the follow-up meetings will be eligible for reduced rate graduate credit from BHSU. Teacher participants will receive $200 stipend for two days of participation and an additional $100 for participating in follow-up professional development during the academic year.


  • Phenomena-based instruction
  • Facilitation of classroom discourse
  • Attention to equity and cultural relevance
  • Access to new curriculum modules


Space is limited in each session. Registration is now closed for 2022.

Contact us

If you are interested in participating or have questions, please email sdepscor@sdbor.edu.