SD EPSCoR | Increasing Science & Technology Research Capacity

Increasing South Dakota’s Science & Technology Research Capacity

The research focus of the current SD EPSCoR RII Track-1 project is biofilms with a goal to develop the South Dakota 2-Dimensional Materials for Biofilm Engineering, Science and Technology (2D-BEST) Center. Learn more about this research.

Meetings to initiate planning for South Dakota’s next NSF EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII) Track-1 proposal kicked off in October 2022. Learn how you can take part.

The Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) recognizes that universities are valuable resources. Their science and engineering programs, as well as faculty and students, are major assets to the state. Currently, SD EPSCoR supports facilities, faculty, students, and equipment at South Dakota universities.

EPSCoR/IDeA universities, their faculty, and students are leading the way in the 21st century. These researchers are needed for the nation to meet its most pressing priorities in health, cyberinfrastructure and homeland security. A broad science and technology base is especially important in an era when different regions have unique issues involving resources, health, security, and the environment.

Scientific and technological research cannot be limited to a few states if the nation is to maintain world leadership and reach its full potential. Along with stimulating competitive research and promoting excellence in education, EPSCoR/IDeA improves access to that high-quality education and cutting-edge research, expands economic opportunity, creates jobs, and improves the quality of life across the nation.