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NASA ROSES Proposal Writing Workshop

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October 5, 2021 • 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Create a stronger proposal by attending NASA’s Proposal Writing Workshop “Tips and Tricks Lecture” with Paul Propster – senior strategist and story architect, and Dr. Christina Richey – planetary scientist and astrophysicist, both from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Live zoomcast at 1 p.m. CDT on Tuesday, Oct. 5.

The success of scientists depends upon their ability to obtain funding. One of the largest challenges is to create strong proposals. This presentation will focus on teaching the audience key points to communicating science through successful proposal writing. As a result of this session, participants will be able to understand the proposal writing, reviewing, and selection process for federally funded research. This lecture will introduce the Proposal Writing Workshop series to the EPSCoR community, and provide a link to signing up for upcoming workshop opportunities.

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About the Lecture speakers

Christina Richey NASADr. Christina R. Richey is the program manager for Research and Technology Development at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, providing guidance on the proposal process and training researchers within the community on best practices for proposal submission and review. Prior to joining NASA JPL in 2018, they worked at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C., as a program officer and the deputy science advisor for research and acquisition. Dr.Richey also was a member of the NASA Headquarters Working Group on Implicit Bias, as well as a member of the Hubble Space Telescope Working Group on Anonymizing Proposal Reviews, which won a 2020 NASA Group Achievement Award. Dr. Richey was announced as a Legacy Fellow of the American Astronomical Society in 2019.

Paul Propster NASAMr. Paul Propster is a seasoned storyteller and a strategy-loving, line-blurring, dot-connecting, message-driven professional. With more than 25 years in strategic communications, Paul has helped clients across industry – from small, women-owned businesses to energy to technology to NASA – cultivate narratives that produce greater emotional investment in stakeholders. Since 2014, Paul has been the resident “storytelling architect” for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab’s Office of Formulation, spearheading the development and establishment of a storytelling culture, methods, and tools. He led the capture of an Earth Venture mission (MAIA), a Heliopyhsics mission (SunRISE), and an Astrophysics mission (SPARCS) and co-led the development and delivery of JPL’s 2018 Strategic Implementation Plan.


We’d like to thank NASA HQ’s Science Mission Directorate for funding this work. Additionally, we’d like to thank the Innovation Foundry at JPL for their input and guidance on creating this presentation and the workshops. Finally, we’d like to thank all the amazing participants of this workshop over the years, whose feedback has helped shape this work.



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