Postdoc Appreciation: Tanvi Govil

Posted on: September 23, 2023   |   Categories: Announcements, News & Updates
Tanvi Govil

In honor of Postdoc Appreciation Week that took place during September 18 – 22, we would like to introduce you to Tanvi Govil of South Dakota Mines! See her in action at the lab (pictured).

Recently, as part of the postdoctoral role in the National Science Foundation (NSF) RII T2 BioWRAP project from the South Dakota Mines Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering team, Tanvi was working on developing biodegradable biopolymers functionalized with nitrogen fixation promoting molecules🧪 with funding support from SD EPSCoR.

Tanvi is now an Assistant Professor in CBE at SD Mines and she is looking forward to working on decoding the metabolic networks (genetic pathways and critical signaling quorum sensing responses) and Rules of Life that regulate nitrogen fixation in soybean fields.🧬

SD EPSCoR appreciates postdoctoral roles and the many contributions that postdocs work hard at to achieve. THANK YOU!!!