Transforming A Media Center To A MakerSpace

Posted on: April 8, 2016   |   Category: News & Updates

Imagine going to school and creating your own video game characters, then watching them battle in game you also design. Students at one school are doing just that, plus more.

In the Harrisburg South Middle School library, students can now explore a lot more technology beyond reading.

Harrisburg South Middle School students can do much more than just pick up a good book in their media center. School officials have transformed what they call the “hub of learning” in their school to a MakerSpace.

In the renovated area, students are now able to incorporate much more technology into their learning.

“So, we went down this road of a MakerSpace in here to allow our kids opportunities to dabble in circuits, robotics, programming,” technology integrationist Travis Lape said. “Anything from 3D printing to drones and so we’ve allowed that ability in here and it’s a partnership between the tech world and the library world.”