Cell Signaling (part 2)

Lesson Overview

1503076437cell Signaling

Students will learn about cells, structure, and function. Students will develop and use a model to simulate cell signaling as a function of the cell’s membrane.

About the Scientist

Rachel Willand-Charnley

Institution: South Dakota State University

Hello! I am a new assistant professor in the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at South Dakota State University. I recently moved here after finishing my postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University. I am an interdisciplinary scientist, my lab performs research in cancer immunology, glycobiology, chemical biology, and organic chemistry. Right now, we are currently investigating how various cancers utilize simple sugar residues to evade the immune system and using organic chemistry to build sugar-based inhibitors. I enjoy performing research in the lab, as well as, being a mentor and teacher. Having a firm grasp of fundamental chemical principles in the classroom is essential when addressing high-impact problems through research. In addition, having a large pool of diverse minds solving these high impact problems. As a result, I believe that diversity is key to scholarly advancement. One of my primary goals as an assistant professor is to foster and promote the development of a diverse assembly of future scientists who will address our research needs. I am pleased to be a part of SD EPSCoR's STEM Education Portal because I am able to generate lesson plans that can be implemented in the class room across the state thus helping me to reach my goal!