Audrey Job | SD EPSCoR STEM Teacher Leaders

Hi!  My name is Audrey Job and I teach 6th grade science at Vermillion Middle School.  My passion for science goes all the way back to my childhood in Orlando, Florida.  Growing up with the space program (less than 45 minutes away from Cape Canaveral), fueled my curiosity of space, the planets, and the stars. My LOVE for everything space then grew into a love of Science (specifically Earth Science).

In the past 9 years of teaching science, I’ve had the privilege to enhance my education through numerous classes and committees.  I have been able to study the Mountain Pine Beetle through the Project Learning Tree course in the Black Hills, and study the different habitats on the Missouri River.  I have also served on various committees in the Vermillion School District and I’ve served as the middle school Science Olympiad coach.  During the past year, I have participated in the State of South Dakota Mentorship program and I’m the program coordinator for the Lawrence Brothers Science Camp at the University of South Dakota.

I’m excited to continue my science education and pass all my new found knowledge onto my students!