Landra Knodel | SD EPSCoR STEM Teacher Leaders

Hello!  My name is Landra Knodel.  During my 18 year teaching career at Irene Wakonda School District, I have had the opportunity of teaching 7th grade life science, 8th grade earth science, physical science, biology, chemistry, physics and human anatomy.  The school I teach in has approximately 150 students in grades 7-12.  Because I teach a variety of classes, I teach the same students for many years.  This allows me to really get to know my students on a personal level.

Science is all around us and the fascinating part of teaching science is sharing knowledge and ideas with students.  I feel that the best part about teaching is when you see in the students’ faces that they just had a “light bulb moment.”  They got it!  Their understanding of the universe just opened and that gift of understanding can never be taken away.  This experience is not just rewarding, it’s addictive!