Call for Submissions to the NASA EPSCoR / NASA Ames Researcher Virtual Discussions

Posted on: May 23, 2023   |   Categories: Announcements, NASA EPSCoR, News & Updates

Opportunity to present research interests to NASA Ames Research Center

NASA Ames Research Center (ARC), in collaboration with NASA EPSCoR, invites researchers to submit one PowerPoint slide and a one-page biosketch addressing researcher capability in the following areas:

  1. Entry Systems: Safely delivering spacecraft to Earth & other celestial bodies
  2. Advanced Computing and IT systems: Enabling NASA’s advanced modeling and simulation
  3. Aerosciences and Airborne Science
  4. Astrobiology and Life Science: Understanding life on Earth — and in space
  5. Cost-Effective Space Missions: Enabling high value science to low Earth orbit & the Moon
  6. Intelligent/Adaptive Systems: Complementing humans in space
  7. Space and Earth Science: Understanding our planet, our solar system, and everything beyond
  8. Exoplanets: Finding worlds beyond our own

Staff of ARC will invite selected researchers to present a virtual “flash” presentation (estimated duration two minutes) June 22, 2023, followed by additional roundtable discussions (virtual) July 13, 2023 (tentative).

Interested state researchers should send submissions to as soon as possible and before May 31, 2023. (See detailed guidelines for submissions below.)

For questions on this opportunity, contact Edward Duke ( or directly.

See the research priorities document (NSF-EPSCoR-Ames-Topics-2023-v230515a.pdf) for a detailed list of subtopics within each major research area.

The research discussions will consist of two virtual meetings. The first virtual meeting will focus on informing ARC center researchers of the capabilities that exist within the EPSCoR jurisdictions. This first virtual meeting is currently targeted for the afternoon (Eastern time) on Thursday, June 22, 2023. The second virtual meeting will consist of roundtable discussions sessions led by ARC representatives working on the listed research priorities. The preliminary date for the roundtable virtual meeting is July 13, 2023. Note that both meeting dates are not yet finalized. We will be sending out an update along with the virtual meeting connection details within a couple of weeks.

We need the following two documents from each researcher from your jurisdiction who is interested in and committed to presenting a 2-minute presentation about their research program / capability relevant to one of the ARC research priorities. These documents include a one-page “biography & research capability statement” and a one-slide summary on a potential ARC focused research / development project. The specific format, content and requirements for each document is included below.

Researcher Brief Biography & Research Capability

This needs to be a single-page Word document with the following content. See this example.

  1. Researcher name
  2. Affiliation and contact information
  3. ARC Research Topic
  4. Presentation title
  5. Headshot
  6. Brief bio including some details about research capability.

ARC Focused Research / Development Project

This is a single slide that describes a research / development project that is focused on a single ARC priority area. The slide must conform to the following guidelines. Non-conforming slides will be rejected. Note this example slide.

  1. Clearly identify the ARC research / development priority that is the focus topic of the slide
  2. Highlight the key aspects of the anticipated ARC focused research / development project
  3. Highlight research capabilities of the researcher
  4. 1 Single Slide (excess slides will be discarded)
  5. Slide Size 10 in. x 7.5 in
  6. 4:3 Aspect Ratio
  7. File must be .pptx (no PDFs will be accepted)
  8. No video or animations

Jurisdictions may send as many submissions as desired but please have each researcher only make one submission. We will select from the submissions to represent the breadth and depth of NASA EPSCoR capability across all jurisdictions for the first virtual meeting on June 22. Please note that ALL submissions will be collected into a single document for review by ARC researchers regardless of which ones are selected for presentation at the first virtual meeting. Please send your submissions to as soon as possible and before May 31, 2023 with the subject lineARC-NASA EPSCoR Flashtalk Submission.

The final number of talks and precise timing will be determined based on the submissions received; researchers will be notified on selection on June 2, 2023. A final agenda for the first meeting will be distributed on June 6, 2023. The virtual roundtable discussions will be open to any jurisdiction researchers who submit materials for the first meeting, whether or not they were selected to present. We expect to distribute the agenda and topics for the roundtable discussions by June 30, 2023.